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More About Your Coach




Your Coach

 Lisa J. MacDonald is a results business coach who works with purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs to gain clarity, confidence and achieve the results in their business.

After working for over nineteen years with hundreds of entrepreneurs, Lisa believes it is possible for you to revolutionize your impact through creativity and grit to tap into undiscovered possibilities.

Lisa is an award-winning author of thirty books, former radio show host, executive producer, and is an award-winning speaker. She has also been a popular guest on TV and radio shows and used to work with the Attorney General in Utah on the Dating Violence Task Force.  

Lisa has two master’s degrees, MFA in Creative Writing, and MA in English, and is a certified coach earning CPCC/ACC and Certified Growth Climate Relationship Specialist.

Outside of the passion for coaching and leading online courses, Lisa loves writing fiction and nonfiction books and is an avid reader of a wide range of genres.


"Lisa is fiercely committed to helping her clients live their best life.  You can feel the incredible strength and love she gives move through you and lift you up."
                                                                                   Barb Van hare
                                                                                 Kinetic Clarity, LLC
Lisa J. Peck (MacDonald) is a class act.  She has a sincere desire for all those she associates with to improve, grow, and accomplish the goals that will bring happiness to individual lives.   Working with Lisa has provided me clarity about what is working in my life and what is not working in my life.  She has helped me establish desired outcomes based on in-depth thought and discussion about what I want out of my life.  She brings a sense of professionalism and aptitude that you will not find elsewhere. --
                                                                                  Justin Englebright
                                                                                  State Farm Agent


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